27 May 2012

O.P.I New York City Ballet

I purchased the NYC Ballet mini set in Sally's, it was just over €15.

From left to right: My Pointe Exactly, Don't touch me, Care to dance and Pirouette My Whistle.

I'm wearing Care to Dance and My Pointe exactly on my ring finger. Notice the difference?

Sure, they are pretty but I can't tell you enough how disappointed I am in the three coloured polishes. The glitter polish is okay, you could probably find a better glitter polish in your local drugstore/pharmacy. 

They are nice to look and and give my nails a nice simple, clean look. The polishes on don't appear to look anything like they do in the bottle. Very sheer, no matter how many coats I do. Almost like something you would get after using a manicure set. You know the ones where you get a white, pink and clear varnish. 

I would not buy these in the full size and I'm glad I tried them out in the mini form. What do you think?

Over and out!


  1. Its sooooo annoying when polishes are way too sheer. I love the look of Dont Touch Me, I'm lovin' almost white nails at the mo.

  2. I ldid 3 coats of each of those and they still remained quite sheer. I do like them though, I think I'll try them over white to see if that brings the colour up more. x

  3. Gosh you have such lovely nails and I love the look of those polishes x

  4. OH i know what you mean, sometimes in the bottle you see such a beautiful color and when you put it on its nothing like the bottle.

  5. The OPI Ballet collection is a sheer polish collection so that is why they appear sheer after so many coats.

    I actually like them as I can put the colours on and not have such an overpowering colour.

    Essis do some colours which are similar and aren't sheers.

  6. loved the blog so far- watch u videos on utube... we are irish teens only after staring on blogger so if you could check is out that wud be grand ;)


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