20 May 2012

L'Oréal Paris Cashmere Milk Make-up Remover


Before experimentation began! 

Apply a small amount of milk to the face using either cotton wool or fingertips. Massage in long enough to allow your make-up to dissolve. Wipe off with cotton wool or rinse with water.


After Results.

Products Name: 
Cashmere Milk Expert Make-up Remover by L'Oreal Paris.

Product claims:
 The product is two times more concentrated in make-up removing ingredients compared to other products in the L'Oreal Paris range. It also claims to be the most comfortable make-up removing experience ever developed by L'Oreal. L'Oreal recommend using this product if you find water too hard on your skin and you are looking for maximum effectiveness and comfort for both the face and eyes.

I find taking off my make-up a complete chore at the end of the night. With this product I liked that fact that I could be watching my favourite soap or youtube channels while taking my make-up off. It was very simple to use all over the face.

East to use.
Its a very gentle remover.
Able to use on face AND eyes.
Affordable (This product has now been discontinued and can now be found on ebay for cheap.)

Strong scent/fragrance 
Didn't leave my face feeling clean enough.
Leaves skin feeling oily.
This product has now been discontinued. 

I would not recommend this product to anyone who dislikes strong scents in products they use on their faces or anyone who loves the routine of taking their make-up off. I didn't feel satisfied with the amount of make-up removed on my face, I didn't feel like I had removed it 100%. It is good for removing eye make-up but would recommend using another cleanser afterwards.


  1. When I read online that it had been discontinued I was heartbroken! so I've been trying to make my tube of it last for ages, I find it really good for removing gel eyeliner/mascara.I've a really bad sense of smell, can barely smell the product, I'm glad ha!

  2. Sounds good, I was quite interested in this but never got round to buying it. Although I always find the same as you've found with this type of cleanser, they just don't leave your skin feeling clean, unless I'm having a lazy day I far prefer to use a hot cloth cleanser!

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