01 May 2012

Wall Art

I've been looking into adding a bit of fun to my Girl cave lately. On my mission to find old frames to paint and re-use on eBay I came across a shop called Irish Vinyl Art who sold wall stickers. The shop sells other things but these caught my eye. The had cute ones for every room in your house. You can also get your name printed along with stars, fairies, flowers and BUBBLES! 

I ordered mine on Sunday 27th April and received it in the post just two days later. The best thing of all is, it only cost me €12.26 with free P&P. It arrived in a small cylinder and It has been such a short time since I ordered it I had not expected it and didn't know what it was. Aundrea on twitter suggested it might be something naughty from Ann Summers!! Thankfully I opened it up to reveal my lovely order.

It was so simple to put up. I made sure the wall was clean. Made two markings on the wall with a leveller so i knew where to apply it and popped it up onto the wall. I then used a small towel and rubbed the transfer to make sure the letter adhered to the wall. Then I slowly peeled back the paper. 

I did the exact same thing with the bubbles after I placed them randomly on the wall.

I love the overall effect. I'm so proud of my blog and channel but sometimes I play it down if I'm shy or embarrassed but now every time I look up I will remember that I have achieved a lot over the last year and that I should be proud of myself. 


  1. Such a lovely idea, its funny how something so simple can make such a wonderful difference to a room. You should be proud of yourself you have done very well. I really enjoy reading your blogs. x

  2. That is gorgeous! Looks so professional and chic :)

  3. It's lovely :) definitely getting one when I re-decorate my room :)

    Emily x


  4. That looks soooo great!!! :)

  5. What a great idea!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  6. Hey Sarah, I've given you a blog award :)



  7. This is such a cute idea!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. hey I nominated you for an award!
    hannah x


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