08 May 2012

June Marie Claire

I usually don't buy magazines. I stopped buying them when I was 20 and chose a pack of smokes over a glossy read. More magazine was my favourite back then, their P.O.T.W (Position of the week) column made me laugh every time! 

Now 25 and a non smoker I find I have more money at my disposal. Have you seen the price of cigarettes lately? Nasty habbit anyway.....In my experience you never give up loving them though. I think about having one almost daily! 

I seen this Free Lip & Cheek stain by The Body Shop in Marie Claire (€5.63) and thought why not. This product cost €12.00 in the shop so instant bargain.

Product Review: Overall I was not blown away but the Lip and Cheek stain. The product was watery which helps the product to spread but I feel it hinders the staining process. Using this as a cheek stain was also a let down for me, it made my skin look blotchy and irritated ...far from a natural looking colour. One plus to this product, it's cruelty free. 

Magazine Review: Will I be running to the magazine shelf next month to purchase Marie Claire? A short and simple answer, No! I have never seen so much photoshopping and airbrushing in all my life. This mag features adverts with women such as Madonna, Angelina Jolie (who also features on the cover), Nicole Kidman and Claudia Schiffer. I't just pisses me off. Three out of those four women are so beautiful and I want to see them with wrinkles an all. Madonna, not so much. The price is justifiable with tonnes of tips on how to dress this summer, interesting articles ranging about sex, eating disorders all the way to a Dear Dad article where five writers compose heart felt letters to their dads.

My star sign told me to avoid making major purchases this month otherwise it will be a costly mistake. I wish it had told me this two days ago before I spent all....yes all my money on clothes. I have enough for two packs of smokes in my bank account at the moment!! 

Don't worry I won't! 


  1. well done for quitting, my mother in law stopped in January and they then found cancer in her lung in March, they operated and removed 50% of her lung she has now been put off for life, there nasty things ciggys! stick with your mags :)


  2. I only buy the glossy magazines when there's a cheeky freebe! Don't think I'll be going for this one tho!
    I've heard that next month Glamour are including some benifit samples! I'll be first inline at the newsagents!
    Hannah - Confessioncloset.blogspot.com x

  3. The amount of advertising in this mag was ridiculous, I don't usually buy magazines either so I dunno if so many adverts is the norm now. I got the bronze lip/cheek stain, have yet to try it out. I think next months glamour magazine is going have a sample size tube of POREfessional,I'll definitely stock up!


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