24 May 2012

Depotting Urban Decay

Now I know your gasping in horror at this post. How could someone be mad enough to ruin their beautiful Urban Decay palettes? A brand well known for their pretty, fabulous packaging. Well you haven't met me and I'm pretty mad!

I still had a half full Z.Palette which I bought at IMATS, an empty Unii Palette which I received in the Cork meet up goodie bag and the lovely Paula gave me a mini Z.Palette yesterday so a little depotting was in order.

I began with the Sustainable palette. I nearly didn't depot this palette. It was the first Urban Decay product I owned. My dad bought it for me in the duty free when I was moving home from the UK. It was a "I know you don't want to move back, I'm sorry your mother and I guilted you into doing so" present.

It was so easy to depot this palette. The shadows where surrounded by cardboard so no heat was needed. Just something with a sharp edge and a gentle wedge. 

The second palette I depotted was the Midnight Emergency kit. I have to admit I have owned this palette for six months and have only swatched it. Hopefully now that the shadows are out of the packaging I will use them more.

This anniversary palette was a complete bitch to depot. I managed to get the first out the same way I did the other two, with some gentle movements. I had to use heat for the rest. I rested the shadows onto my hair straighteners to melt the glue and that made it easier to pop them out. 

I want to do a review on the Z.Palette at some stage. Now that it is full I can do a proper review on it after a while. I also have my MUA shadows in this palette.

Two shadows where harmed in the making of this blog post. 
Ace & Tainted

Would you think about depotting your Urban Decay palettes?



  1. Lol two shadow were harmed! It's an awful pity there's not a back to urban decay scheme. At least you can use the anniversary palette as a jewelry box now :)

  2. I remember when I depotted my Alice in Wonderland UD palette! I nearly broke one of the shadows!

    I find when you have them all in the one place you use them more often!!

    Great post :)

  3. Well done Sarah, I will fully admit I gave a little aw when I saw the carcasses of the palettes ;P I keep meaning to depot my MAC shadows, need to get the finger out, am all inspired now :)

  4. I couldn't do it even though it makes sense to do so!

  5. You can fix the damaged shades with a bit of rubbing alcohol - there're youtube vids on it. I'm on a depotting kick. Sucks cause I love their packaging - but it's just too cumbersome.... want to try to salvage the midnight emergency for a wallet. Wish me luck!


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